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Prestige XL2/L2 Epson i3200 Printhead

Prestige XL2/L2 Epson i3200 Printhead


  • PrecisionCore Technology - The manufacturing and thin film piezo element can realize a high precision and a high density (600 npi /2 rows of nozzles). Contributes to a compact, high speed, high quality, and high image quality.
  • Support for grey scale - Epson's unique Variable Sized Droplet Technology (VSDT) delivers smooth gradation by freely controlling the droplet volume.
  • High resolution - Ink ejection of up to 4 colors realized with high resolution (600 dpi/color).
  • High durability - This Printhead has proven to have high durability and extended service life by Epson's industrial printers.


Product name I3200-A1
Ink type Aqueous
Width x Depth x Height 2.72" x 2.33" x 1.4"
Weight 3 oz
Number of nozzle 3200
Nozzle pitch/nozzle row 1/300 inch
Nozzle Resolution 300 npi /row 600 npi/2 rows
Max. number of colour inks 4 colours
Effective print width 1.33 inches (33.8 mm)
Binary 6 pl at 43.2 kHz
3 levels grey scale 6.3, 12.3 pl at 21.6 kHz
4 levels grey scale 3.8, 6.1, 9.4 pl at 21.6 kHz
Viscosity range 3-4 mPa·s

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