Printhead Warranty & Return Policy

  1.  Printheads that have been received after the initial limited warranty period offered alongside purchase of the printer are covered under a 14 day warranty period, which begins 14 days from the receipt of the printhead shipment.

  2. Printheads under warranty may be replaced only after undergoing thorough evaluation for any defects or damages before proceeding with replacement. It is important to note that the warranty does not extend to printheads that have been subjected to alterations, mishandling, neglect, or damage resulting from improper use, installation, repair, or cleaning. Consequently, DTF Station cannot assume liability for any such damages.

  3. Regarding the return of printheads, customers are eligible to initiate returns within 14 days from the receipt of their printhead shipment, provided that the printhead is in its original condition as sold.

  4. Moreover, we kindly remind our valued customers that they bear the responsibility for the proper installation of the printhead and other associated parts. If any uncertainty arises regarding the installation of the printhead or any other components, we strongly advise seeking the expertise of a trained technician to execute the installation accurately. Ensuring proper installation not only safeguards the warranty coverage but also contributes to the optimal performance of the printhead and equipment.