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DTF Station

Prestige XL2 DTF Printer

Prestige XL2 DTF Printer

Prestige XL2 User Manual

Prestige XL2 Product Overview

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The Prestige XL2 is your perfect high-end DTF printer option, with dual printheads, premium print quality, and a smaller size in comparison to other printers with similar performance. Elevate your garment printing pipeline today with the Prestige XL2 DTF Printer, plus save when you bundle with the Seismo A13 or Seismo A24 Powder Shaker for easier, more efficient DTF printing.

  • Requires On-Site Training (not included)
    • On-Site Setup/Training + Driving Distance includes:

      • One Time Driving Distance within 2 hours (of Buena Park, CA, 90621)
      • 4~6 Training Hours Onsite
      • Lifetime Virtual Training

      On-Site Setup/Training + Air Travel Domestic includes:

      • One Time Accommodations such as hotel, rental car, flight ticket
      • 4~8 Training Hours Onsite

What's included:

  • Digital Factory Rip Software
  • Limited to 1-year warranty on non-consumable parts and limited 6 month warranty on the Printhead up to 2 Printheads*
    • *The use of non-DTF Station ink and film will void any warranties offered for the Prestige XL2 DTF Printer


    • Two i3200 print heads
    • Compact Size/ Less Foot Print
    • Head Strike Sensor - Prevents any head strikes


    Print Head Dual Epson I3200 Printheads (CMYK - WWWW)
    Printing Accuracy 1440/2160/2880dpi
    Printing Speed 4Pass: 12㎡/hour
    6Pass: 9.5㎡/hour
    8Pass: 7.5㎡/hour
    Printing Assit Front and rear arc plate heating; Platform suction; White ink circulation; Anti collision of nozzle; One-click auto cleaning; Integrated auto-lifting capping station; Built in computer and monitor combined bracket;
    Maximum Width 23.62"
    Printing Media PET Film
    Printing Interface Gigabit network port
    Operating System Windows 7, Windows 10
    Printing Software

    Digital Factory V10 Direct to Film (DTF) Edition - DTF Edition (24" Wide or Larger)

    Operation Environment Temperature:15℃-30℃ (60°F-86°F), Humidity: 35%RH-65%RH
    Rated Voltage 220
    Rated Current 14A
    Rated Power 1500W
    Product Dimensions Without Arm: 29.5" x 57.5" x 55.5"
    With Arm Half Extended: 29.5" x 66" x 55.5"
    With Arm Extended: 29.5" x 79" x 55.5"

    Packaging Dimensions 36" x 78" x 62"
    Net Weight 330.70 lbs
    Gross Weight 396.83 lbs

    The DTF Process:

    Advantages of DTF Printing:

      • A great option for small orders.
      • No cutting and weeding required.
      • Crisp, defined edges and images from start to finish.
      • Low cost on waste.
      • Low investment - high reward.


      • All Color T-shirt
      • Sweater / Hoodie
      • Jersey
      • Canvas Bag / Cushion
      • Jeans / Denim Cloth
      • Leather
      • Shoes
      • Pants / Trousers
      • Cap / Mask


      Seismo A13 DTF Powder Applicator & Dryer

      Seismo A13 Manual

      After you print your design, the Seismo A13 DTF Powder Applicator & Dryer takes over by evenly spreading, then melting the exact amount of adhesive material directly onto your design, saving time, effort and cost - 3 resources you need to conserve to run a profitable business. Also, with a handy vacuum absorption platform and infrared heat drying, you are assured a smooth result every time.


      • Having a simple to use touch screen really helps. Just touch the desired option to navigate through the menus and voila, you’re ready to go!
      • Customizable automatic powder recycling feature, increases effectiveness against manual recycling.
      • Infrared drying and heating improves and protects color reproduction.
      • The vacuum absorption conveying platform secures the printing material to avoid bulging, run-offs, and media waste.


      • Actual Dimensions 34 x 26 x 24 in.
      • Shipping Dimension 35 x 28 x 34 in.
      • Actual Weight approx. 120 lbs
      • Shipping Weight 170 lbs


      Seismo A24 DTF Powder Applicator & Dryer

      The Seismo A24 DTF Powder Applicator and Dryer unit can cure DTF film rolls up to 30 inches wide and is compatible with all roll to roll Direct to Film printers. This machine has 220 volts, 21 amps and requires hardwire. (Please communicate with your electrician to install this product).


      • 42.52 inch Heater: Longer heater/dryer than other dryers to accommodate Faster DTF roll-to-roll printers.
      • Compact Size: Smaller in comparison to other DTF powder applicators, without sacrificing quality or performance.
      • Advanced Built-in HEPA 2 Layer Air Filters filter out any fumes from DTF powdering. These low maintenance, easy-to-replace filters keep your working environment clean and safe.
      • Advanced Film Detector: With the built-in film sensor, the Seismo A24 automatically turns off and on the power station and heating elements. This results in a lower power requirement of 220v 21 Amp (consumes approximately 30% less than the older generation).
      • Advanced powder ventilation within the powder station: Heating fans help reduce any powder build-up in the powdering station, meaning less maintenance for the user.
      • Air vacuum conveyor system: Air vacuums at the front and back of the conveyor keep film from slipping or moving. They also help to align the DTF film to achieve even heating throughout the heater/dryer.
      • Advanced Take-Up System: Additional tension bar to roll up the finished DTF films better.
      • LCD Touch Screen: Easy to monitor and control

      Actual Dimension: 6.1 x 3.5 x 3.5 ft.


      Power 4KW
      Shaking Powder Motor vibration, automatic powder return-free
      Heating Method Back baking and front baking for speed and consistency
      Take-up and Feed Film Auto-sensing
      Operation Mode Manual/Auto control
      Mesh Belt Drum suction operation mesh belt
      Automatic Deceleration of Film Cutting Prevent deformation of heating film
      Method of Dusting Constant weight automatic sensing
      Shipping Weight
      783 lbs.
      Product Dimensions 6.1 x 3.5 x 3.5 ft.
      Package Dimensions 6.5 x 4.3 x 3.6 ft.
      Configuration With All-in-one smoke purifier


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