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DigiRIP DTG Hybrid Edition Add-ons & Modules

DigiRIP DTG Hybrid Edition Add-ons & Modules

Optional Add-ons & Modules for DigiRIP DTG Hybrid Software

NOTE: Must purchase DigiRIP DTG Hybrid base software in order to use these optional add-ons and modules.

Auto Job Sorting Module with Barcode

  • Set custom parameters for file sorting rules, which are then handled automatically for you. Automatically filter files by production requirement, import new files, and send directly to specific queues or printers with AJS.
  • Great addition for barcode automation workflows

ICC Creation with PMC Lite Software

  • For those seeking to swiftly generate ICC-compliant profiles, DigiRIP RIP Software allows for the generation and editing of the current ICC formats (2.1 and 4) without hassle.

Visual Printing Positioning Module

  • Visual Print Positioning (VPP) provides a simple alignment calibration interface that enables graphics to be positioned with +/- 1mm accuracy in highly specific areas on t-shirts, hoodies, sneakers, ball caps, socks, arm sleeves and much more. With a real time onscreen preview, VPP eliminates the guess work in DTG printing, saving you more on labor and materials. VPP can be used on all DTG printers currently supported by DigiRIP

Extra Printer License

  • Get additional licenses for your additional printers

RIP Server

  • RIP Server includes some new features such as 64-bit architecture, barcode support for production, effects distressed, distressed frames, easy color adjustments and sharpen filters, easy job color replacement, color adjustments with merge icc rendering intents, rip server available (additional costs will apply on thread support), unicode support with many languages & drive multiple machines (additional costs apply per printer)
  • With this edition, you can use the RIP Server for Epson F2200/2100/F2000 and Brother GTX
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