Prestige Trade-In Program

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Discounted L2 or XL2

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For a limited time, authorized DTF Station distributors are now offering discounts on a new Prestige L2 or XL2 DTF Printer when trading in your Prestige A3+ or Prestige A3+R Desktop DTF Printer*. 

*Offers, rates, and terms are dependent upon review of trade-in machine and purchase invoice. 


One of the fastest DTF printers on the market, the XL2 24" DTF Roll printer boasts 2 i3200 heads, a head strike sensor, and incredible speeds for its size. Elevate your garment printing pipeline today with the Prestige XL2 DTF Printer - the most premium in DTF printing.


The Prestige L2, the newest offering from DTF Station's DTF printer line, is the perfect fit for mid-sized businesses and those looking to upgrade from smaller pipelines. With similar features as the Prestige XL2 in a smaller package, this 16" roll printer will boost your DTF printing speed with ease and efficiency. 

Terms & Conditions

  • Current printer must be in good to great condition and approved by your dealer. Customer must provide photos/video of condition of printer in order to qualify for trade in/upgrade.

  • Customers must have had their current printer for at least 6 months before applying for the trade-in program. 

  • Current printer must have been purchased within 1 year. Customers must provide proof of invoice/receipt of item purchased within 1 year.

  • Customer must be first-hand owner.

  • Current printer MUST be operational.

  • Required documents must be submitted and approved.

  • On-site training is required for the Prestige L2 and XL2. Training value ranges from $1k-$3,500.

  • Customers are responsible for returning their printer.

On-site Equipment Training

On-site Equipment Training is required for all Prestige L2 and XL2 purchases. 

Options Available for Training:

  • On-site setup training and driving distance (1 hour drive of Buena Park, CA or Carrollton, TX): $1,000
  • On-site setup training and air travel domestic: $2,500
  • On-site setup training and overseas travel: $3,500

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