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DTF Station

DTF Station Seismo R24 DTF Powder Shaker & Dryer with Purifier S

DTF Station Seismo R24 DTF Powder Shaker & Dryer with Purifier S

Seismo R24 DTF User Manual

Seismo Shaker and Dryer Maintenance Chart

** Seismo R24 comes with Purifier S**

DTF Station Seismo R24 DTF Powder Shaker & Dryer with Purifier S unit cures up to 24 inch width DTF rolls and is compatible with any roll-to-roll Direct to Film printer. The Seismo R24 has 220 volts, 21 amps hardwire (Please communicate with your electrician to install this product).


    • Powder Recirculating System: Powder automatically gets recirculated back to the top, less employee monitoring is needed.
    • Backlight Panel: Operators can easily check the consistency of the film.
    • Included Purifier S: Speed up your DTF pipeline, while maintaining good air quality


    • No more manual DTF powdering. Simply load prints, and the Seismo R24 DTF Powder Shaker & Dryer applies and dries the powder for you
    • Similar to Pretreatment Machines for DTG, this DTF Powder Station takes the DTF printing process to another level, accelerating your workflow and your printing business

    What's Included:


    • Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 99.3” x 44.1” x 45.3”
    • Packaging Dimensions (LxWxH): 108.2” x 48.5” x 54.3”
    • Rated Voltage: 220V
    • Rated Power: 7500W
    • Matching Roll: PET Film
    • Gross Weight: 573.2 lbs
    • Net Weight: 396.8 lbs

    Applicable Industries:

    • Garment Stores
    • Printing Stores
    • Garment Factories
    • Traders and Processing Plants


    • Caution: When handling DTF Hot Melt Powder, do not ingest or inhale powder. Harmful if swallowed. Skin irritations may occur. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If contact with eyes, rinse with large amounts of water. Wear protective clothing, gear, mask and gloves when handling powder. If allergic reaction persists or accidentally ingested, seek medical help immediately.
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