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DTF Station

Seismo M30 DTF Powder Shaker and Dryer

Seismo M30 DTF Powder Shaker and Dryer

The Seismo M30 DTF Powder Applicator and Dryer is an ideal choice for those with limited space and budget who wish to launch a printing and customization business. The machine's powder shaking and film curing capabilities streamline the production process, reducing time and effort needed to complete jobs. For those new to the innovative DTF printing world, the Seismo M30 is the perfect machine for efficient and effective production.


  • Provides an easy & efficient powder film curing process
  • Maximizes space and cost savings
  • Low power requirement (110V)
  • Media Wheel minimizes powder waste


  • Media Width: 31.4" (80 cm) - compatible with 30" and wider DTF Printers
  • Automatic Film Take-Up system
  • Auto Powder Shaker Sensor
  • 2-in-1 design with built-in dryer: equipped with a powder-shaking mode and an integrated dryer with the following features for expedited film-curing:
    • Front Panel Heater
    • L-Shaped IR Lamp Chamber
  • User-friendly control panel: Touch-screen control panel is user-friendly and simple to navigate. Adjust shaking speed and duration easily for the best results with various powder and film combinations.
  • Large capacity powder container: boasts a sizable powder container, which reduces the need for refills during extended printing sessions, optimizing convenience and productivity
  • Compact and space-saving design: The machine features a sleek, space-saving design, making it a perfect choice for home-based businesses and compact workshops. This enables you to utilize the machine without sacrificing precious space.



Max. media width 31.4 in. (80 cm)
Max. amount of powder applied at one time 2.2 lb (1 kg)
Powder Filling Box NO
Powder Collection Drawer YES
Powder Filling Frequency Every 1-1.5 Hours
Built-In Purifier NO
Machine Size (LxWxH) 43.70" x 46.1" x 37.9"
111 x 117.1 x 96.4 cm
Package Size (LxWxH) 34.25" x 51.19" x 43.82"
Machine Weight 220 lb (100kg)
Packaging Weight 308.6 lb (140kg)
Power 110V/3KW/19.1 Amps
Daily Maintenance - Must reload powder every hour
- Simple to clean at end of day
Suitable for Users with a 30"+ DTF Printer looking for a powerful yet affordable powdering option


  • Caution: When handling DTF Hot Melt Powder, do not ingest or inhale powderr or fumes. Harmful if swallowed. Skin irritations may occur. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If contact with eyes, rinse with large amounts of water. Wear protective clothing, gear, mask and gloves when handling powder. If allergic reaction persists or accidentally ingested, seek medical help immediately.
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