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DTF Station

DigiRIP RIP Software

DigiRIP RIP Software

The DigiRIP RIP Software is the ultimate choice for professional printmakers. With a powerful suite of features, it stands out amongst its peers for its convenience and maximum efficiency. Enjoy a single Direct to Film software package and discover the power of DigiRIP RIP Software today.

  • DigiRIP - Printer support up to but not including 17" in width
  • DigiRIP Pro - Printer support up to 17" and wider

Software Trial Version (15 Day) - Compatible with Windows only

Compatible With: 


  • Windows Only
  • Prestige A4 DTF Printer
  • Prestige A3+ R DTF Printer
  • Prestige R2 DTF Printer
  • Prestige L2 DTF Printer

DigiRIP Pro

  • Windows Only
  • Prestige XL2 DTF Printer
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