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DTF Station

Seismo A24 24" Filter Charcoal

Seismo A24 24" Filter Charcoal

This Charcoal filter for the DTF Station Seismo A24 DTF Powder Shaker and Applicator is one step in maximizing the lifespan and performance of your machine. It not only resists moisture but is also extremely strong and sheds excess liquid to provide the perfect barrier to the DTF Fog. The filter media is encased in a rigid aluminum cartridge to resist contamination bypass. The high surface area mini-pleat filter media ensures high capacity and efficiency for small applications.


  • Maximize performance and lifespan of Seismo A24
  • Provides the ideal barrier to he fog that is created during the curing process.
  • Prevents contamination.


  • Size: 24"
  • Filter Type: Charcoal
  • Filter Life Span: 3-4 months

Compatible with:

  • DTF Station Seismo A24 DTF Powder Shaker & Applicator

Additional Info

  • Must be replaced according to specified lifespans (see above)

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