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DTF Station

Prestige R2 Shaker Bundle

Prestige R2 Shaker Bundle

Available for Pre-Order Only

Bundle the Prestige R2 DTF Printer with a Seismo DTF Powder Shaker and DTF supplies, and save over $700! Get everything you need for a powerhouse DTF printing workflow in one purchase.

Choose from one of the following options:

Prestige R2 DTF Printer

Print with precision and flair with the Prestige R2 DTF Printer! With its chic, integrated design, this printer combines elegant desktop convenience with powerful performance for all those looking to get started with DTF. Enjoy sheet or roll printing with optimized accuracy and stunning results. Experience the best of both worlds with the Prestige R2!


    • Speed: 27 sq. ft. / hour, 6pass
    • White Ink Management System (WIMS): timed white ink stirring system to circulate and maintain white ink inside printer
    • Passive Auto-Cleaning: when printer is left on, it will automatically maintain and clean printhead every 4 hours
    • Active Auto-Cleaning: during set intervals (even during printing), printer can stop to clean printhead
    • Head Strike Sensor: helps prevent damage to printhead
    • 1 Liter bulk ink cartridges: more ink for all your printing needs
    • Auto Ink Alert System: informs user when ink is running low
    • Automatic Film Sensor: if film runs out/is not detected, stops printing


    • Size: Desktop sized
    • Great for beginners: perfect balance of power and affordability
    • Easy access/repair: intuitive, labeled board design and connections for easy access and repair


    • Printer head: Dual Epson XP600 print heads
    • Mainboard: Honson
    • Interface: TCP
    • Software: CADlink Digital Factory DTF Desktop Version
    • Max. Film Width: to 13" (33 cm)
    • Printing Speed: 27 sq ft / hour, 6pass
    • Machine Weight: 88 lbs
    • Packaging Weight: 110 lbs
    • Dimensions
      • Printer: 29" x 14" x 14"
      • Packaging: 32 1/4" x 15 3/4" x 15 3/4"
    • Daily Output (Based on design size as 12" x 14", 8 hrs per day): 160 pcs
    • Suitable: Entry Level

    Applicable Industries 

    • Garments
    • Tote Bags
    • Caps
    • And more!


    • Cotton
    • Polyester
    • PU
    • And more!

    Compatible With

    • DigiRIP RIP Software
    • Phoenix Air 16x20 Curing Oven
    • Phoenix A2 Curing Oven
    • Seismo M16 DTF Powder Applicator and Dryer


        DTF Station Seismo 11 DTF Powder Applicator and Dryer

        Current Lead TIme: 4-5 Weeks*
        *Lead times subject to change.

        Seismo 11 User Manual


        • No more manual DTF powdering.    Simply load prints, and the Seismo 11 DTF Powder Applicator & Dryer applies and dries the powder for you
        • Similar to Pretreatment Machines for DTG, this DTF Powder Applicator and Dryer takes the DTF printing process to another level, accelerating your workflow and your printing business


        • Voltage: 110V
        • Weight: 88 lbs
        • Max Media Width: 11 to 13 in (roll, no sheets)
        • Printing material: Pet film, Hot melt powder
        • Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 40" x 21" x 23.5" 
        • Packaging Dimesions (LxWxH): 23.7" x 29.5" x 21.25"


          DTF Station Seismo M16 DTF Powder Applicator and Dryer

          Seismo M16 User Manual 

          The Seismo M16 was engineered for DTF printing entrepreneurs who operate their business with limited workspace and are looking for an affordable and manual powdering machine. It provides an affordable option for those who are just starting out with DTF and looking to shake powder and cure films in one machine. 


          • Compact design: The Seismo DTF powder shaker is designed to be compact, making it an excellent choice for entrepreneurs with limited space for DTF printing.
          • Large Media Width: The Seismo M16 has a large media width of 16 inches, allowing for the printing of larger designs without any issues. This feature provides greater design flexibility and allows printing on a wider range of materials.
          • Film curing: The Seismo M16 can also be used for film curing, ensuring that the final product is durable and long-lasting.
          • Easy-to-use control panel: The control panel is user-friendly, making it easy to operate the machine with just a few clicks.


          • Affordable: Seismo M16 is a cost-effective option for business owners who are just starting out and have a tight budget.
          • Efficient and even powder shaking: The Seismo M16's shaking mechanism is efficient, ensuring that powder is evenly distributed over your DTF film.
          • Durable build: The machine is built to last, with sturdy construction that can withstand the demands of daily use.
          • Low noise operation: The Seismo powder shaker operates quietly, making it a great choice for businesses operating in shared spaces.


          Max. media width 18 in. (45 cm, A2)
          Max. amount of powder applied at one time 0.7 lb (0.3 kg)
          Powder Filling Box NO
          Powder Collection Drawer YES
          Powder Filling Frequency Every 0.5-1 Hour
          Built-In Purifier NO
          Machine Size (LxWxH) 43.70" x 22.8" x 38.54"
          111 x 58 x 98 cm
          Package Size (LxWxH) 34.25" x 38.19" x 43.82"
          87 x 97 x 111.3 cm
          Packaging Weight 231.5 lb (105 kg)
          Power 110V/2.5KW/15.9 Amps
          Daily Maintenance - Must reload powder every hour
          (When paired with Prestige L2/XL2)
          - Simple to clean at end of day
          Suitable for Users with limited space looking for a powerful yet affordable powdering option



          Purifier L2 Portable Air Filter

          Available for Pre-Order. Expected in stock mid-late May 2023

          This Portable Air Filter is meant for mid to high-end direct to film printing productions. It filters gases and dust, and is capable of achieving 99.97% purification rate.

          Highly recommended when curing DTF powder!


          • Promotes clean & safe working environment
          • Compact and lightweight
          • Low noise (<50 dB)


          • Adjustable hose
          • Easy to use and operate
          • 47.25 inch long hose


             Power 50W, 1.5A, 100V-240V
             Machine Size (LxWxH) 8.2in x 8.2in x 10.65in
            Packaging Size (LxWxH) 14in x 14in x 15.75in
            Packaging Weight 12.2 lbs.
            Certificate CE, FCC
            Warranty One year on entire filter board



              DTF Station Purifier MINI Portable Air Filter

              The Portable Air Filter absorbs and filters any gases or dust and can achieve 99.97% purification rate, which prevents environmental pollution. 


              • Strong Ventilation
              • Multi-angle adjustable hose
              • Low noise
              • Easy to use


              • Greater Dust Capacity - Square vertical filter core has larger dust capacity than single-layer filter core. Longer service time of filter core.
              • Movable And Adjustable - The smoke absorbing pipe can be disassembled, and the length of the pipe can be adjusted.
              • Easy To Use - The Purifier is plug-in. 
              • 47.24 inch Long Hose

              • 8" x 8" x 9.5" (W x D x H)

              • 9 lbs


              • Voltage: 110V
              • Wide applications: Soldering iron welding station; Laser welding, engraving, marking, cutting; Chemistry laboratory; Medical treatment, cosmetology, etc.

              NOTE: Please replace your filter at least every 3 months


              DigiRIP RIP Software

              The DigiRIP RIP Software is the ultimate choice for direct to film printmakers from DTF Station. With a powerful suite of features, it stands out amongst its peers for its convenience and maximum efficiency. Enjoy a single Direct to Film software package and discover the power of DigiRIP RIP Software today.

              • DigiRIP - for printers 16" or smaller
              • DigiRIP Pro - for printers 17" or wider

              Software Trial Version (15 Day) - Compatible with Windows only


              DTF Station Warm Peel DTF Film Rolls

              Check out this guide on making your own costumes using this DTF film!



              1. High Ink Loading Layer: You can lay down more color / white to create rich colored decorated DTF prints.
              2. Warm Peel: Peel off the film without a long wait after the first press.
              3. Single Side Matte: Easily distinguish the print side.

              Compatible with:

              • Any DTF printer on the market - **Recommended use with a roll printer** 
              • Looking for DTF film sheets instead? Go here. 


                1. Print the image onto the matte side of the film in mirror mode. (CMYK>>White Ink)
                2. Apply hot melt powder evenly and remove the excess powder. Use a Seismo Shaker unit - like the Seismo S20 - to apply powder with ease!
                3. Hover with a heat press to bake the hot melt powder (340°F, 5min).      Or use a curing oven (300-315°F, 1min).
                4. Transfer the image by heat press at 330°F for 15sec with medium pressure.
                5. After the first press,
                   Option 1: Wait for 4-6 seconds and remove the film gently
                   Option 2: Rub the top surface with a cloth to remove some heat and peel off the film gently
                6. Heat press again at 330°F 5-10sec with medium pressure to enhance softer hand feel.

                NOTE: DTF Station Film A3 and A3+ Sheets and A3+ (13") Rolls have returned to their normal pricing, after a temporary price decrease.


                Color Max DTF Ink

                Please refer to these instructions on how to switch your machines from DTF Station ink to Color Max Ink.


                • Engineered for DTF printing
                • Even and consistent texture without any loss in color vibrancy
                • High color density and wide color gamut
                • Pairs well with DTF Station DTF Powder and DTF Film


                • Consistent and professional print quality
                • Tailor-made for reliable DTF printing results



                  DTF Station Hot Melt Powder for Direct to Film

                  Hot Melt Powder Material Safety Data Sheet

                  Formulated for use during DTG Transfer (DTF), DTF Station adhesive powder is a crucial part of any DTF printing pipeline. Cover your DTG Transfer media with this powder to allow for optimal press. Use for 100% cotton, polyester, nylon, and more! 


                  • After baking the powder, solid white for more vibrant colors
                  • Even and regular particles for quality graphics and good adherence
                  • Finely coated film means no pinholes!


                  • 1 lb
                  • 1 kg
                  • 20 kg

                  Instructions (for use with DTF Station Warm Peel film):

                  1. Print the image onto the matte side of the film in mirror mode. (CMYK>>White Ink)
                  2. Apply hot melt powder evenly and remove the excess powder. Use a Seismo Shaker unit - like the Seismo S20 - to apply powder with ease!
                  3. Hover with a heat press to bake the hot melt powder (340°F, 5min). Or use a curing oven (300-315 °F, 1min).
                  4. Transfer the image by heat press at 330°F for 15sec with medium pressure.
                  5. After the first press,
                    Option 1: Wait for 4-6 seconds and remove the film gently
                    Option 2: Rub the top surface with a cloth to remove some heat and peel off the film gently
                  6. Heat press again at 330°F 5-10sec with medium pressure to enhance softer hand feel.

                    *This product has no affiliation with Epson and is not endorsed by Epson.

                    *Settings and directions to print DTF with your F2000/2100 using Garment Creator*

                    • The basic concept for DTF is to print CMYK first then WHITE on top of it. ALWAYS MIRROR YOUR IMAGE FIRST!
                    • Most of you will be printing onto standard A3 and A4 sheets. Utilize every inch of space as you can to save on time and cost of materials. We call that gang sheeting. One benefit of GC is that it allows multiple images to be uploaded at the same time for printing. Those who order Plastisol Transfers will already know this. The two most common platens I use are 10 x 12 (A2) and 16 x 20 (A3). I place the sheet towards the top middle as a guide and measure how much empty space I have on the sides and bottom because the sheets will be smaller than your platen. I use tape to hold in at least 2 corners to prevent the sheet from shifting while printing.
                    • Using GC for DTF is very much the same as with DTG. The only difference is you are reversing the cmyk/white color process and mirroring your image.
                    • If your image has black in it then click on Black Garment. That will prevent GC from printing black unnecessarily.
                    • For all other colors including white, use (Dark Color).
                    • After selecting the proper color choice, you need to tinker with your color and white levels. For me personally I use level 2 for color and level 1 for white. I leave ink density to zero. And make sure you leave enough time in between passes in Pause between Passes (sec). This is very important. I like to choose 30-60 seconds
                    • Under White Management it is very important to check “OFF” first before you print your CMYK pass. This will allow your color layer to go down first.
                    • After your color pass is done then you go back to white management and click “ON”. Be sure you have enough seconds in your “Pause between passes (sec)” or else your printer will print another CMYK pass right after your white pass. YOU DO NOT WANT THAT! So you MUST manually press cancel on your printer before it does so.

                    Unfortunately, Garment Creator was not designed for DTF so it is necessary to turn white on and off for every print you do.



                    • Powder should NOT be applied on the printer platen. It needs to be applied AWAY from the printer. Application near the printer increases the risk of printer damage if the printer "breathes" in the adhesive powder into the intake fan by the electronics near the back of the machine. Damage to the printer for inappropriate use may not be covered under warranty.

                    • Please wear Personal Protective Equipment (eyeglasses, mask, and gloves) when working with DTF products. The fumes from curing the powder can be hazardous.

                    Ecofreen Oeko-Tex Certificate


                    • DTF (Direct To Film) products works with almost all types of fabrics including 100% polyester with good quality results!
                    • Ecofreen hot-melt adhesive powder has excellent bonding and flexibility properties with DTF inks.
                    • The designed fabrics or printed shirts have a good wash characteristics.
                    • The fabric has very slight hand feel touch.
                    • The process is much faster than Vinyl printing (Vinyl Printer).


                    Prestige DTF Printer Cleaning Solution

                    NOTE: Color may vary

                    Prestige DTF Printer Cleaning Solution is suitable for running maintenance on DTG and DTF printing machines, including the Prestige A3+ Desktop DTF Printer and more! Using this solution regularly will extend the life of your printer.


                    DTF Station Isopropyl Alcohol 16oz

                    99% Isopropyl alcohol can clean your water-based digital inks and it can remove unwanted ink splashes without scratches, unlike regular alcohol.

                    Use this ONLY on Printhead Guards, Encoder Strip, Encoder Wheels, and Platens or areas where unwanted ink splashes on metals/ plastic. Please note this may change/damage certain paints on metal or plastic. Use with care.

                    *Please contact us if you are not sure whether this product would be a good solution.

                    Use this product with our lint-free wipe.

                    Do not use this product on printheads, capping station, wiper blade, and any other areas not specified above. Please note that this product can damage your parts if used improperly. It is also not intended for use on the skin.

                    Wash face, hands, and any exposed skin thoroughly after handling the product.

                    Do not insert this into the tube/ lines.

                    When using this product do not eat, drink or smoke. Please wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.


                    DTF Station Lint Free Wipes 4" x 4" - 30 Sheets

                    Ultra soft, non-abrasive, lint-free wipes are designed for sensitive surfaces such as printhead and encoder strip.

                    They are 99.999% pure and guaranteed safe for cleaning printhead surface, encoder strip and capping station.

                    Great for printhead overnight soaking / locking.


                    DTF Station 7" Cleaning Swabs - 50 Each

                    Cleaning Swabs to use alongside DTF Station printers.

                    These Foam Cleaning Swabs are perfect for detailed cleaning on various parts of DTF Station's printers. Available in packs of 50 swabs each.


                    • Foam Head
                    • Pairs well with all DTF Station printers


                    • Narrow form allows for detailed cleaning of small parts/areas


                    • Swab Material: Foam
                    • Swab Length: 7 inches
                    • Quantity: 50 swabs in each pack
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